Christian Sing Along: Look Away From Sin, Kiddies!

If you're anything like me, you'll think terrible thoughts all through this video. Like, doesn't that guy in the overalls seem a little overfamiliar with his puppet companion? LOOK AWAY, overall man! [Via Videogum] » 2/03/09 6:40pm 2/03/09 6:40pm

Christian Bale Losing It: Hot or Not?

By now you've probably heard the audio of Christian Bale verbally abusing a director of photography on the set of Terminator 4. Should this change his status as one of our #1 lust objects? » 2/03/09 6:00pm 2/03/09 6:00pm

Strippers: Just Like You, Minus Paying for Stuff

If you've wondered where strippers go once they're off the clock, Blackbook finds out. (Spoiler alert: all the same tacky, boring places you go. The difference is that they almost always get comped.) [BlackBook] » 2/02/09 5:30pm 2/02/09 5:30pm

Domestic Violence Allegations: An "Unpleasant Piece of Status Quo for…

At Slate, Robert Weintraub notes some unfortunate Super Bowl trivia: "The big game's two biggest stars, [Santonio] Holmes and [Larry] Fitzgerald, have both been accused of domestic assault." So why aren't we talking about it? » 2/02/09 5:00pm 2/02/09 5:00pm

Drink And Look Dude-Like

Do you enjoy a glass of wine? Well, bad news, drunkie. Not only are you damaging your liver, alienating friends, and killing feminism, you're also starting to look like a man. » 2/02/09 2:20pm 2/02/09 2:20pm

Science: Nice Women Are Teases

A new study in the January issue of Psychological Science reveals something you probably already knew: women perceived as "flirtatious" are very often just trying to be nice. » 1/30/09 5:30pm 1/30/09 5:30pm

Richard From Lost Is Not Your "Maybelline Man"

Fans of Lost love to debate the philosophy behind Richard Alpert's guyliner. Now actor Nestor Carbonell says he doesn't wear any. Damn it. That smokey, sexy kohl rimming Richard's gentle eyes was my constant! [EW] » 1/30/09 4:20pm 1/30/09 4:20pm

Banker-Dater Laney "DABA" Crowell Fired By Fashion Website

There's trouble in DABA-land. A trusted tipster says (and the company confirms) that one of the New York Times' infamous, blogging bankerdaters has been fired and another is suffering relationship fallout. » 1/30/09 2:30pm 1/30/09 2:30pm

Crimes Against Puppydom

Look! It's a Croc-themed doggie bed! Its unique design is perfect for very sleepy puppies and the sick sadistic owners who hate them and want them to suffer. [Via DListed] » 1/30/09 2:20pm 1/30/09 2:20pm

Would A DABA Lie To You?

Did the DABA girls, those banker-loving women so devastated by the recession, pull a fast one on the New York Times? And, if so, do we dislike them more or less? » 1/29/09 5:00pm 1/29/09 5:00pm

4 Girls, 2 Guys, And A Calvin Klein Commercial

Calvin Klein is back with his first television ad since the 80s, and — surprise — it's already been banned from late night cable TV. Let's watch it and try to get offended. » 1/29/09 3:40pm 1/29/09 3:40pm

Piling On Jessica Simpson: With Friends Like These, Who Needs Enemies?

How long will stories about Jessica Simpson's "weight gain" stay in the news? Probably as long as news outlets and even Simpson's so-called "defenders" feign disgust with the story while simultaneously validating its premise. » 1/29/09 1:40pm 1/29/09 1:40pm

How To Dig Gold & Infuriate People: DABAs Get A Book Deal?

Earlier today, a group of brave young women told the New York Times that dating rich guys who were no longer so rich was very upsetting. And now they may have a book deal!. » 1/28/09 4:30pm 1/28/09 4:30pm

Sneezing: Should You Fake It?

The happy fetishists at the realsneeze YouTube channel love sneezes. Allergy sneezes. Cold sneezes. "Wet" and "uncovered" sneezes especially. But there's one type they're divided on: fake sneezers. » 1/28/09 2:40pm 1/28/09 2:40pm

Freebasing Caffeine? The Internet Makes It Possible

Have you ever jokingly compared coffee to crack? Ever secretly wished coffee was just a little more like crack? Well, this internet man would like to share his recipe for "Black Magic." » 1/28/09 2:00pm 1/28/09 2:00pm

DABA Girls "Aint Messing With No Broke Bankers"

At meetings of "Dating a Banker Anonymous," frustrated finance paramours can discuss recession era troubles — like canceled vacations and slashed Bergdorf budgets —"free from the scrutiny of feminists." Ha! Not anymore! » 1/28/09 1:00pm 1/28/09 1:00pm

Can You Afford A Baby?

Yikes. The average middle class couple shells out $11,000 in the first year of their newborns' life. Find out if you can foot the bill. (Uh, anyone below a 2?) [US News] » 1/28/09 11:40am 1/28/09 11:40am